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A museum that stands at the site of "Tsukiyama Iwajo Castle". Display historical materials and folk materials in the former Takagi town. It is a three-tiered tower structure that imitates Inuyama Castle, and the observation room overlooks the Miyakonojo basin, Kirishima mountain range and so on.

It is believed that Tsukiyama Ilwa Castle spent the later years building a castle by the Nuke-Matsu-Kusuke and Shigeru, and a Bokugo house 8 th connoisseurs who ruled the Miyakonojo basin. The historical materials from Jomon period to modern times in the former Takagi town are displayed in the museum which stands in the ruins. The exterior is a three-tiered Tenshu structure that mimics Inuyama Castle, and from the observation room you can see not only the Miyakonojo Basin, but also Kirishima Renzan and Sakurajima.
Utilization time
9:30 am to 5 pm
closing day
Every Monday (in the case of national holiday or transfer holiday, closed the next day)
Year-end and New Year (December 29-January 3) Charges for adults 210 yen (group 160 yen) high school students 160 yen (group 100 yen) elementary and junior high school students 100 yen (group 50 yen)
Every Saturday's primary and secondary school students, people with disabilities handbook (including carers) are free
※ group is more than 20 people

Equipment outline

2643 Ooite Takagi Town Miyagi Prefecture Miyagi Prefecture
TEL 0986-58-5963
Transportation access About 5 minutes by car from Miyazaki Expressway, Miyakonojo IC About 30 minutes by bus from JR Nishitojo Station, 5 minutes by foot from Takagijomachi, about 5 minutes by car from JR Yamanoguchi Station
There is a parking lot