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Hotels, ryokans, hot springs, camping

Miyakonojo is a town where the old Satsuma Road, now Route 10 and Route 269, is a major road. There are two expressway interchanges, and Tojo, where commerce and industry also flourish in agricultural livestock farming, is also a place with many business trip visitors. As a tourist destination, Miyakonojo has a lot of attractive spots and shops that taste local food, and it is the best to stay in Miyakonojo to enjoy the best time to enjoy them. The Miyakonojo lodgings, which are said to be friendly to regulars and even Hatsumi, are rich in variations, such as a cozy inn, a hot spring inn that boasts a hot spring, and a campsite and lodge in each characteristic business hotel.


Please choose in accordance with the action schedule with the business area of ​​Miyakonojo in front of a lot of businessmen, Mutamachi and Nishmiyakonojo Station in the night town, and along the national road.

Name Phone Number Street Address Station Pet
Miyakonojo Station Area Apa hotel Miyazaki Miyakonojoekimae 0986‐27‐1000 18‐5 Sakaemachi Miyakonojo
Hotel Alpha-1 Miyakonojo 0986‐21‐3000 1‐7 Sakaemachi Miyakonojo
Hotel Wing International Miyakonojo 0986‐22‐2111 35‐10 Kitaharacho Miyakonojo
Miyakonojo Green Hotel 0986‐25‐6111 27‐2‐1 Sakaemachi Miyakonojo
Miyakonojo Business Hotel 0986‐23‐6668 9‐1 Sakaemachi Miyakonojo
Miyakonojo Royal Hotel 0986‐25‐0111 1106‐48 Kitaharacho Miyakonojo
Nishi Miyakonojo
Staiton Area
Business Hotel Komaki 0986‐23‐9722 25‐10 Mutamachi NishiMiyakonojo Request
Business Ryokan Hotel Marumi 0986‐24‐0303 1‐8 Matsumotocho NishiMiyakonojo
Hotel Nakayamaso 0986‐23‐3666 3‐20 Matsumotocho NishiMiyakonojo
Miyakonojo City Hotel 0986‐25‐6300 3‐2 Mutamachi NishiMiyakonojo
Main Hotel 0986‐23‐3135 8‐9 Kanmachi NishiMiyakonojo
Other Area Vessel Hotel Miyakonojo 0986‐46‐7777 5819‐3 Tohokucho Miyakonojo
Miyakonojo Sun Plaza hotel 0986‐25‐7070 5975‐1 Kamikawahigashi 4Chome Miyakonojo
Minshuku hotel Miyakonojoso 0986‐38‐0022 6361‐1 Tohokucho Miyakonojo
Tokiwa-So 0986‐64‐2246 2455‐2 Nakakirishima Yamada tanigashira Request
Matsuya Ryokan Hotel 0986‐62‐1078 1233‐1 Omuta Takazaki Takasakishinden
airbnb mochinaga 0986-37-0002 12625 Syonaicho
Miike Youth and Natural Hostel 0986‐33‐1414 5988‐30 Natsuocho Mangatsuka Takaharu

Hot spring (accommodation) and campsites

Miyakonojo with the Kirishima Mountains behind has a nice hot spring. The camp in nature is also popular.

Type Name Phone Number Street Address Station Pet
Camping sites Sekinoo Midorinomura Lodges 0986‐37‐2929 6620‐4 Sekinoocho Nichimiyakonojo
Aoidake Camping sites 0986‐57‐2177 2119‐1 Yamanokuchi Yamanokuchicho Aoidake
Kakashi House 0986‐64‐3456 4986‐2 Yamada Yamadacho Mangatsuka
Kannonike Children’s Camp Village 0986‐58‐6139 4195 Ishiyama Takajocho Yamanokuchi
Tachibana Hokuto  House 0986‐62‐5526 1332‐8 Ohmuta Takasakicho Takasakishinden
Hot Spring Hotel Aoidakeso 0986‐57‐2177 2123 Yamanoguchi Yamanoguchicho Aoidake
Kannon Sakuranosato(Camping sites) 0986‐29‐2100 4195 Ishiyama Takajocho Yamanokuchi
Kakashinosato Yupoppo 0986‐64‐3711 3340‐2 Nakakirishima Ymadacho Tanigashira
Laspa Takazaki 0986‐62‐5526 1332‐8 Ohmuta Takasakicho Takasakishinden
Nemunoki Onsen Okimizu 0986‐36‐6030 2720 Kanedacho Miyakonojo

One day hot spring and spa

There are plenty of local hot springs and spa to relax.

Name Street Address Phone number
Aoidake Onsen Hot Spring 2123 Ymanokuchi Ymanokuchicho 0986‐57‐2177
Kannon Sakuranosato 4195 Ishiyama Takajocho 0986‐58‐6139
Kakashinosato Yupoppo 3340‐2 Nakakirishima Yamadacho 0986‐64‐3711
Yupoppo Kazokuyu for family 3340‐2 Nakakirishima Yamadacho 0986‐64‐2131
Yamada hot spring 1913 Nakakirishima Yamadacho 0986‐64‐2020
Laspa Takazaki Community center 1332‐8 Ohmuta Takasakicho 0986‐62‐5526
Horikiri Onsen Hot Spring 4151‐8 Kamizurucho 0986‐36‐0238
Miyakonojo Onsen Hot Spring 5468‐1 Shibitacho 0986‐26‐5616
Yuana Onsen Hot Spring 4518‐9 Yoshinomotocho 0986‐33‐1380
Yassa Onsen Yokokan 703‐2 Yasuhisacho 0986‐39‐0708
Koufuku Onsen Happy you 3122 Miyamarucho 0986‐23‐2222
Super Onsen Genkiyu Hot Spa 20‐1 Skaemachi 0986‐22‐1526
Yamanaka Onsen Hot Spring 17‐6 Ichimanjocho 0986‐22‐2040
Sugikura Onsen Hot Spring 2093‐2 Maeda Takasakicho 0986‐62‐5074
Nemunoki Onsen Hirohara 9‐11 Hiroharacho 0986‐24‐8950
Nemunoki Onsen Isoichi 1613 gojiccho 0986‐22‐2030
Nemunoki Onsen Okimizu 2720 Kanedacho 0986‐36‐6030
Warawaranoyu 34‐8‐2 Hiroharacho 0986‐46‐1126