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Miyakonojo is a treasure trove of ingredients. Because agriculture and livestock are in a lot of land, rice, vegetables, fruits, tea, beef represented by Miyazaki beef, pork with various brands, chicken minced meat with chicken minced meat and charcoal grilled, etc. Ingredients are ready.
Furthermore shochu. Miyazaki and Kagoshima are the largest producers of salmon shochu, but especially Miyakonojo is a sacred place for salmon shochu. Shochu, such as shochu, which produces unique shochu from brand stock that produces the best shipment in the country, is popular.
There are many restaurants in the city center around Muta-machi and Sakae-machi downtown areas. As it is concentrated in a certain area, it seems that many people enjoy the ladder.
In addition, the whole city and the suburbs are dotted with everything from famous shops to hidden shops, and there is a unique drinking culture. The restaurant in Miyakonojo also features the staff of the store, the customers, and the interaction between the customers. There is a homely atmosphere like getting to know them and going to the second house.

Miyazaki beef produced in Miyakonojo, which is raised with the tender loving care of local farmers, is famous for its qualities, such as its delicate marbling, color, and superior tenderness. This item is prized as one of Miyakonojo’s first class offerings.

Characterized by its superior and consistent quality, this pork combines the meaty depth of flavor with a subtle sweetness that further draws out its deliciousness.

With a tender yet adequately firm texture, as you bite into this chicken, it overflows with juices and abundant umami flavor, thereby resulting in a most savory taste experience.