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name Miyakonojo Tourism Association  (General Incorporated Association))
Representative Chairman Yoshihisa Horinouchi
location 4553 Sakaemachi, Miyakonojo Miyazaki Prefecture 885-0023 (JR Miyakonojo Station)
Establishment November 15, 2005
phone and Fax 0986-23-2460  FAX  0986-23-2450
Area Miyakonojo and the surrounding area
Member It consists of individuals and groups that agree with the tourist attraction advertising, the maintenance of the reception system for tourists, the tourism-related business, etc., which is the purpose of the Association.
Number of members 420 companies
Fiscal Year April 1-March 31
Main Business
  1. Business about advertisement of sightseeing and attraction of tourist and guidance
  2. Business related to planning, promotion and research of tourism
  3. Business about collection and offer of sightseeing related information
  4. Business about communication coordination and cooperation with administration and sightseeing business groups, organizations
  5. Business about natural environment maintenance of sightseeing spot
  6. Management of tourist center
  7. Holding sports competitions
  8. Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation
The Purpose Conducts business related to tourism promotion and promotion in Miyakonojo City and its surrounding area, and sound conservation of natural environment, and aims to contribute to the development of regional economy.
History June 1937 Miyakonojo Tourism Association established
(Discontinued due to the war Re-established April, 1948)
November 2005 incorporated into the corporation Tojo Tourism Association
September 2009 Relocate the office to Miyakonojo Station and add a tourist information center
April 2013 Transition to the General Incorporated Association Miyakonojo Tourism Association
Articles of Incorporation Download articles of Incorporaiton (PDF file Japanese only)
Officer list Download the officer list of Miyakonojo Tourism Association (PDF file Japanese only)