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The museum of Yamanokuchi Shobunshu Puppet Joruri, an important intangible folk cultural asset of the country. We still pass on performing arts more than 300 years ago.

It was designated as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property in 1995, and is highly regarded as a valuable cultural heritage. Currently, there are only four places in the country where such an old joruri is handed down (Hishiyama City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture, Sumakawanai City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Miyakonojo City). Currently, regular performances of four times a year (the third Sunday of 3.6.9 · November) are held, and it is said that “Keisei Kiseiyo” (March-June performance) written by Chikamatsumon Saemon and written by Chikamatsu “Kadode Hachiman” (September-November performance) has been performed in the same manner as the literary art of Bunretsu since the Edo period. In addition, while being staged after the puppet show, Kyogen is turning around and inviting the audience to laugh with the ad lib full of local dialect.



2921-1 Yamanokuchi Miyakonojo City Miyazaki Pref.
Phone 0986-57-5295
There is a parking lot