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Waterway created in the spot that once was rough

“Oyodo River” that represents Miyazaki once had a rapid stream known as Kannonse. It was a difficult site for logistics since ships couldn’t pass through between the bedrock and the waterfall beyond it, and Hisatomo, the 22nd lord of Miyakonojo Shimazu clan decided to create a waterway.
The Kannose waterway of 90m long was completed in 2 years, from 1791 to 1793 (Kansei 3 to 5). In 1922, another waterway was carved on the Takajo side.
As the amount of water changes depending on the season, you can see the clearest image during December to February.


Address Nawaze / Arimizu, Takazaki-cho, Miyakonojo-shi, Miyazaki
(approximately 60 minutes by car from the Miyakonojo city center)