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It is said that Tadahisa, the founder of Shimazu clan, had built the mansion

“”Shimazu-so””, a manor garden that began in the Heian period, has spread to the three provinces of Hyuga, Osumi, and Satsuma, and has become the largest manor garden in Japan.
Koremune Tadahisa, who was appointed as an officer of this Shimazu-so during the Kamakura period, is said to have built a house here, which became the base of this Iwayoshi Gosho Ato (the ruins of Iwayoshi Residence).
Since Tadahisa decided to name himself after the location and started the clan, Miyakonojo is said to be the origin of Shimazu.


Address 3420 Korimoto-cho, Miyakonojo-shi, Miyazaki