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Takachiho Bokujo (ranch)

Sekino-o Falls

KIRISHIMA SHUZO (shochu manufacturer)

Kanemidake Park

Tachibana Observatory

Tsumakirishima-jinja (shrine)

Yagorodon’s “Residence”

Miyakonojo Shimazu Residence



Boasting the highest sales volume in Japan, Miyakonojo is the traditional home of shochu (distilled spirit). Please enjoy the various shochu of Miyakonojo, each of which has their own distinct

Japan's best meat


Miyazaki beef produced in Miyakonojo, which is raised with the tender loving care of local farmers, is famous for its qualities, such as its delicate marbling, color, and superior tenderness. This item is prized as one of Miyakonojo’s first class offerings.


Characterized by its superior and consistent quality, this pork combines the meaty depth of flavor with a subtle sweetness that further draws out its deliciousness.


With a tender yet adequately firm texture, as you bite into this chicken, it overflows with juices and abundant umami flavor, thereby resulting in a most savory taste experience.

Yakiniku (barbecue meat) 3 flavor “boat” combination meal

As a dish exclusive to the “City of Meat,” please try this one-person meat combination meal that allows you to taste Japan’s best beef, pork, and chicken at the same time. Check here for more details.

Chicken nanban curry

Taking “chicken nanban (breaded chicken seasoned with vinegar and tartare sauce),” a dish known as Miyazaki’s soul food, and combining it with curry, this “chicken nanban curry” is truly a match made in heaven.

Miyakonojo gifts

Charcoal grilled chicken

Taking chicken produced in Miyakonojo, this dish is made using painstaking methods to season and cook it, which are unique to each restaurant.

Traditional shochu

Try this tasty treat made by combining traditional shochu with a delectable butter cake.

Cheese manju (bun)

A popular gift that is made by taking rich, flavorful cream cheese, which is wrapped and baked in an outer layer that is unique for each shop.


An innovative type of cookie that has a crisp exterior and is crumbly on the inside. It has a most delicate sweetness.

Kannyuso soft serve ice cream

Made using “kannyuso,” which is produced by painstakingly boiling fresh cream over a long amount of time. It features a milky, elegant taste.

Miyakonojo tea

Characterized by its fresh aroma and rich flavor, this tea earns high praise throughout Japan.


Miyakonojo Shimazu Residence

Visitors can find precious ancient documents, works of art, such as swords, etc., in addition to materials related to the history, culture, and folk culture of the city of Miyakonojo.

18-5 Hayasuzucho, Miyakonojo

Miyakonojo Historical Archives

Visitors can find precious ancient documents, works of art, such as swords, etc., in addition to materials related to the history, culture, and folk culture of the city of Miyakonojo.

803 Miyakojimacho, Miyakonojo

Doll Museum

Registered as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset, visitors can view numerous dolls that have been passed down throughout the ages.

2921-1 Yamanokuchicho Yamanokuchi, Miyakonojo

Former G oto F amily Commercial Residence Exchange and Archival Center

This is a historical and cultural facility that was established by making use of the commercial residence of the “Goto family,” a major landlord in the vicinity of Takajo-cho. From February to March, roughly 800 hina dolls are placed on exhibit here.

2857 Takajocho Takajo, Miyakonojo

Yagorodon’s “Residence”

A statue of worship for “Yagorodon,” a deity that is beloved by the local residents is on display here.

1702 Yamanokuchicho Tomiyoshi, Miyakonojo

Gifts and Local Specialty Stores

Roadside Station Miyakonojo

5225-1 Tohokucho, Miyakonojo

Roadside Station Yamanokuchi

2304-6 Yamanokuchicho Yamanokuchi, Miyakonojo

Waterfalls Station Sekino-o

6843-20 Sekino-o-cho, Miyakonojo


Sekino-o Falls

Selected as one of “Japan’s 100 greatest waterfalls.” Visitors can see the dynamic waterfalls from up close.

6843-20 Sekino-o-cho, Miyakonojo

KIRISHIMA SHUZO(shochu manufacturer)

“A garden park that is operated by a manufacturer that boasts the number one production volume in Japan.Visitors can enjoy a free factory tour (reservations required), or they can also visit the on-site restaurant and bakery to partake in shopping.”

5480 Shibitacho, Miyakonojo

Mallmall (library)

A new library with a neighboring cafe, etc., that was established by renovating a department store. A multitude of events are held here throughout the year.

16-15 Nakamachi, Miyakonojo

Takachiho Bokujo (ranch)

At this friendly ranch, visitors can experience horseback riding, cow milking, and handmade ice cream making, among other activities, as they enjoy a fun time in the great outdoors.

5265-103 Yoshinomotocho, Miyakonojo

Kanbashira-gu (shrine)

Visitors are welcomed by a massive torii (shrine gate). Kanbashira Park located next door is a recommended spot to take photos.

1417-1 Maedacho, Miyakonojo

Tsumakirishimajinja (shrine)

The deity of safe childbirth, warding off evil spirits, and traffic safety. There are various legends related to this “power spot.”

1560 Takazakicho Tsumagirishima, Miyakonojo

Tachibana Observatory

Visitors are welcomed by a massive torii (shrine gate). Kanbashira Park located next door is a recommended spot to take photos.

1461-22 Takazakicho Omuta, Miyakonojo

Flower Viewing Spots

Miyakonojo has an abundance of flowers for the four seasons.

Cherry blossoms of Mochio Park

Cherry blossoms of Hydrangea Park Kannon-ike Park

Late April to early May

Irises of Hayamizu Park

Late May to late June

Hydrangea Park


Miyakonojo Event Calendar

February Late February to early March Shoka-no-hina-matsuri
(merchant family hina doll festival)
March Late March to early April Mochio Sakura-matsuri
(cherry blossom festival)
April 29th Hayamizu Ayame-matsuri (iris festival)
July 8th and 9th Okage-matsuri (festival of gratitude)
Early July to August Roku-gatsu-do (June festival)
September Late September to early October Kakashi Festival (scarecrow festival)
October October Miyakonojo Meat Carnival
November 3rd Yagorodon-matsuri (Yagorodon festival)
23rd Shimazu-matsuri (Shimazu clan heritage festival)

Mochio Sakura-matsuri
(cherry blossom festival)

(festival of gratitude)

(Shimazu clan heritage festival)


Rickshaw experience

Tea serving experience

Milking experience

Fruit gathering experience

Hot Springs

Kakashi-no-sato Yupoppo

3340-2 Yamadacho Nakagirishima, Miyakonojo

Laspa Takazaki

1332-8 Takazakicho Omuta, Miyakonojo

Kannon Sakura-no-sato

4195 Takajocho Ishiyama, Miyakonojo


2123 Yamanokuchicho Yamanokuchi, Miyakonojo