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The sign of balloon is the landmark! You can explore all kinds of local specialties of Miyakonojo

For the purpose of comprehensive development of local industries in the Miyakonojo area, Miyakonojo City, Mimata Town, and local industry have been united to establish the Miyakonojo Local Industry Promotion Center.
On the premises are Michi no Eki Miyakonojo and a restaurant.
In addition to “Waza no Kengakukan” showing the Miyakonojo longbows, Miyakonojo wooden swords, Miyakonojo furniture, shochu, tea and pottery, there is also an exhibition hall and a meeting room.



Address 5225-1Tohoku-cho, Miyakonojo-shi, Miyazaki
Tel 0986-38-45612
Hours Michi no Eki Miyakonojo 8:30 AM to 5:15 PM
Waza no Kengakukan 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Closed on
Parking 150 vehicles
Coach bus parking available
URL http://www.jibasen.com/