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At the sales office, we have a large selection of freshly made local products as well as souvenirs from Miyazaki Prefecture. Restaurant Ajisaikan also offers Yamanoguchi unique dishes using local products.

National Route 269, which links Miyazaki and Miyakonojo, is called "Nirokukyu", but it is nicknamed "Aoi dake valley line", and Yamanoguchi Road Station, located halfway between them, serves as a resting place for meals. It is a place with a sense of presence as a product sales place. A log house style product center sells agricultural and livestock products and processed food products, and there is also information on Yamanoguchi Town as an exhibit. Restaurant "Ajisaikan" Ajisaikan located in Yamanoguchi Station on the road, you can taste the unique dishes of Yamanoguchi from adults to children, including "Saitake Nanjo Set Meal" using local products.
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business hours
March-October 9 am-7 pm
November-February 9 am-6 pm
Regular holiday December 31st, January 1st Inquiry Road Station Yamanoguchi
Yamanoguchi Town Yamanoguchi Town Miyazaki Prefecture 889-1803 Miyazaki Prefecture 2304-6
TEL 0986-57-5222
FAX 0986-57-5232
Road Station Yamanoguchi homepage is here
Restaurant Ajisaikan
business hours
March-October 9:30 am-7 pm
November to February 9:30 am to 6 pm However, on Sundays and public holidays, 10:30 am to 5 pm
Regular holiday December 31st, January 1st Contact Ajisaikan
4-6889-1803 Miyazaki Prefecture Miyagi Prefecture Miyazaki Prefecture Yamanoguchi Town Yamanoguchi 2304-6 (road station Yamanoguchi)
TEL 0986-57-5330
Parking lot Large car: 34 cars: 40 cars Total: 74 cars: About 10 minutes from Miyazaki Expressway Yamanoguchi smart IC