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There is a large-scale Bihada no Yu (means a Spa making beautiful skin) facility, accommodation, a geothermal pool using heated water, etc.

Located in Takasaki Town, Miyakonojo City, La Spa Takazaki is located in the Takasaki General Sports Park, and is a facility that supports hot spring, accommodation and training. Hot spring is a hot spring of sodium-bicarbonate / chloride hot spring. Large baths, bubble baths, electric baths, cold baths, open-air baths, walking baths, saunas, steam saunas, hitting baths, general family baths, one welfare bath, and various other baths are possible. Kyushu’s first eco-friendly heated swimming pool using geothermal heat, RV space and lodge, can accommodate various leisure activities as well as training camps.




1332-8 Omuta Takasaki cho Miyakonojo City

Phone 0986-62-5526
FAX  0986-62-5525