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Kannon ike park known as cherry blossoms, azaleas, and Shibazakura's famous spots. This is a park where you can enjoy the whole family including play equipment around the pond, putter golf, hot spring and swimming pool.

Kannon Pond Park is a large and comprehensive sports park with 100% satisfaction. The park has not only facilities such as boating, go-karts, putter golf, ferris wheel, sliders, running water pool and athletic playground equipment, but also walking trails in the park, lifts to prospects, outdoor stage cottages, auto Campsites are also maintained. There is also the Takagi Health Promotion Center Kannon Sakura no Sato in the park, and you can use the hot spring and hot spring pool.




4195 Ishiyama Takajocho Miyakonojo City Miyazaki Pref.
Phone  0986-58-6139
There is a parking lot (large bus parking is possible)