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In the park with a wonderful view, the nature of the four seasons, the swimming pool, the park golf course, etc. are maintained. The playground equipment which imaged farm equipment is a mark.

Hidokagaoka Park, located in the center of Yamada-machi, Miyakonojo City, is a wonderful park with a view overlooking the Miyakonojo Basin from the observation platform with the Kirishima mountain range close to you. Through the four seasons, you can enjoy cherry blossoms, azaleas, fresh green leaves, autumn leaves, and you can also see the snowfall of the Kirishima mountain range. Within the park there is a multi-purpose open space of turf, a flowing pool run by Yupopono-sato, a Scarecrow Center for accommodation, etc. There is a Scarecrow Park Golf Course adjacent to it. The playground equipment in the park is set up with an image of agricultural machines.





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