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Hayamizu Park where the legend of the hair nagare remains. About 420,000 irises, which are the city's flowers, are in full bloom. Manyo Botanic Garden is planted with flowers and trees enshrined in Manyoshu.

t is reported that if you wash your hands with this spring water, you will become a beauty. The Hayami Park, where the legend of the hair nagare remains, is the Manyo Botanical Garden where the plants appearing in the Manyoshu are collected, the green consultation center where you can hold consultations and classes such as gardening, a lawn open space, a gymnasium, and a archery hall. In addition, there are various facilities such as a children’s pool and an iris garden. Furthermore, in the early summer, the city’s flower, about 420,000 irises, will delight the eyes of visitors.




3871 Hayamizu Cho  Miyakonojo City
TEL 0986-23-261 3 (Road Park Division Miyakonojo City Office)