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Could you be a beautiful woman?

It is not known when it was built, but records show that it was rebuilt by Tadasuke Hongo in the early part of the Warring States period.

In the precincts, there is one Okimizu tomb designated by the Miyazaki Prefecture.
After the Edo period (1603-1867), based on the study of Chronicles and other sources, the theory of the birthplace of Emperor Nintoku’s wife, Kaminagahime, arose.

Kaminagahime was the daughter of Morotsukatano-Ushimoroi, who was called by Emperor Ojin. However, it is said that the Crown Prince Nintoku was attracted to her beauty and took her over as his consort.
There is a fountain in the precincts of the temple that was used by Kaminagahime, and there is a legend that if you wash your face, you will become beautiful.


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