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Miyakonojo wine by the southernmost winery in Japan. The wines grown by the climate of Kirishima Yamakasa are fragrant and expected to be highly accurate. There is a shop and you can also visit the factory

Miyakonojo winery was born in Miyakonojo where there are a lot of delicious meat and vegetables, and we want to make wine that matches those ingredients. At the southernmost wine-making facility in Japan, launched by a local cross-industry exchange group, the grapes grown by the climate of Kirishima mountain range where the temperature difference between the days and nights is large are It is sold as a wine named (Red) or "Cono Hana Sakuya (Rose)". There is also a shop where you can sample. A tour of the factory is also possible by prior reservation.
Equipment outline
business hours 
10: 00-16: 00
Regular holiday Water and trees (open on holidays) Up to 30 people
※ Participation possible time with child 15 minutes-30 minutes
Contact the official site of Miyakonojo Winery
Miyakonojo City Yoshinomoto Town 5265-214
TEL 0986-22-1546