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It is a waterfall that has been certified as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan, and it consists of three waterfalls, Otaki, Otaki and Otaki. It is also included in the Kirishima Geopark and has been certified as a Japan Geopark.

Sekinootaki falls on the tributary Uchikawa in the Oiso River, and consists of Otaki (width 40 m, height 18 m). There is a suspension bridge in front of the waterfall, allowing you to see the waterfall up close, and depending on how far it is splashing and sunlight, you can see the rainbow. There is also a group of pits upstream of the waterfall. The pit group is a collection of small bottle-like holes spread over a length of 600 m and a maximum width of 80 m, and its scale and number of pits are unique in the world. Specified to It is designated as one of the 100 waterfalls in Japan. There is also a group of pits upstream of the waterfall, and a green village upstream of it. The green village has cottages, tennis courts, a pool and a barbecue corner. Some people can do so in summer.




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