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A place that is the origin of the name "Miyakonojo". The historical museum located here displays precious ancient documents, works of art such as swords, artifacts found in excavations, and materials related to folk entertainment.

The Miyakonojo History Museum was opened for the purpose of preservation, display, and utilization of historical and cultural materials that remain in the local area. The main building, shaped like a castle, features an interior space of 13 meters high, a large open-air, and allows you to observe the characteristic timber-framed structure everywhere. In addition, the main building is built in the castle ruins of the medieval castle “Tojo”, which overlooks the Tojo basin.


803 Miyakojima (in Miyakojima park),Miyakonojo City Miyazaki Pref.
Phone 0986-25-8011
There is a parking lot (large bus parking is possible)