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Miyakonojo is a town with many attractions

Miyakonojo is an area adjacent to Kagoshima in Miyazaki Prefecture, southern Kyushu. The history is old, and the Shimazu family was born from the fact that it was called Japan’s largest villa from the end of the Heian period to Kamakura, and it was called Shimadzu. Miyakonojo is also said to be the land of the roots of Satsuma. There are many historical sites and artifacts leading to the Shimadzu house and Satsuma Pass. Miyakonojo is also known as a town of armor under its history and tradition.It is famous as a production site for Shinai(bamboo sword) and wooden swords. Shinai boasts a 70% share of the whole country. Miyakonojo Daikyu is particularly famous and known as a masterpiece of Miyazaki.

As a basin surrounded by the magnificent Kirishima mountain range and surrounding mountains, Miyakonojo is blessed with nature, and it shows the faces of the four seasons as a tourist destination. There are many places such as the cherry blossoms in Hyakuchioka Park and Kannon Pond Park, the autumn leaves around Oike and Aoi dake, Kim Ontake where you can see the sea of ​​clouds, and Hayamizu Park where the iris blooms. Takasaki Town has been selected seven times as a “beautiful city of Japan’s starry sky”, and there is a “Tachibana observatory” at its height. The majestic Kirishima mountain range, the Sekinoo waterfall and its subsequent pits, the kamijinzo that is said to have been created to receive the gods, the Tororo known as the mountain stream, the groundbreaking in the Edo period There are many dynamic places such as the Kannonse Channel where the construction was done, and it is the best for driving sightseeing. And Miyakonojo has great potential as a food city. It is also known for the production of Wagyu beef represented by Miyazaki beef, pigs known for unique breeding methods, and local chickens and broiler chickens in Miyakonojo, which is a livestock farming kingdom.There are many types of vegetables, and Japan’s largest producer is famous for its valuable domestic production. Fresh vegetables are harvested throughout the seasons such as cabbage, cucumber, spinach, onion, burdock, carrot and sweet potato. Shochu is also the most shipping maker in Japan, with a number of distinctive manufacturers such as Kirishima, which also produces local beer and wine. Sightseeing in Miyakonojo will bring you all these charms and create wonderful memories for families, couples, couples and groups.

Tourist Attractions in Miyakonojo

Tour history and legends

Shimazu birthplace

Miyakonojo Shimazu Tei

Miyakonojo Shimazu Tei House is a residence where the Miyakonojo Shimazu familiy has lived since 1879. In the site of about 5,000 tsubo(4acre), there are a home, a kendo hall, an agricultural museum, a stone storehouse, and a capital city Shimazu tradition museum. In the home, I introduce the life of the Miyakonojo Shimazu family and the situation when Showa Emperor and Empress were stayed in 1973 (1973). The Miyakonojo Shimazu Museum stores and displays over 10,000 huge historical materials donated by the Miyakonojo Shimazu family. We also hold various events throughout the year, such as history lectures and chrysanthemum exhibitions. In the house, a volunteer guide (free: reservation required) is a fun and entertaining guide.

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Iwayoshi Gosho Ato(Old Palace)

The manor “Shimadzu”, which began during the Heian period, spreads over the three countries of Hyuga, Osumi and Satsuma, and will become the largest manor in Japan. It is said that it was this celebration site that Koremune Tadahisa, who was appointed as an official of Shimadzu during the Kamakura period, opened the hall. As Tadahisa took the place name and named it Shimazu, Miyakonojo City is said to be the birthplace of Shimadzu.

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Miyakonojo History Museum

A place that is the origin of the name “Miyakonojo”. The historical museum located here displays precious ancient documents, works of art such as swords, artifacts found in excavations, and materials related to folk entertainment.

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Visit traditions and cultural properties

Former Goto Merchant House Museum

It is a merchant house built in about 1900 and registered as a registered tangible cultural property of the country. We perform various events depending on the season. This museum was built by Goto Isuke, a branch from Goto Honke(head family), with his son, Gohei, around 1900, and it has already been over 100 years. The main building created by the Goto branch family with such history has been highly rated both historically and architecturally and has been registered as a national registered tangible cultural property.

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Takajo Local Museum

A museum that stands at the site of “Gassan Hiwajo Castle”. Display historical materials and folk materials in the former Takagi town. It is a three-tiered tower structure that imitates Inuyama Castle, and the observation room overlooks the Miyakonojo basin, Kirishima mountain range, etc.

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Ningyo no Yakata

The museum of Yamanokuchi Fumoto Bunyabushi Puppet Joruri, an important intangible folk cultural asset of the country. We still pass on performing arts more than 300 years ago. Regular performances will be held by the preservation members four times a year (3, 6, 9, November).

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Hall of Yagorodon

We introduce the history and culture of Yagorodon from Yamanokuchi Town in an easy-to-understand manner using real objects, panels and models. Every year on November 3, the Yamanoguchi Shingorou Don Festival is held.

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Tsuma Kirishima Shrine

Tsumakirishima shurine is one of six gongen shrines. There are 999 steps of demon rock stairs that demons are said to have been loaded overnight, Kamiishi that is cut in half with a sword of ten grasps, and a 400-year-old cedar that looks like a dragon.

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Enjoy with children

Takachiho Bokujo Ranch

It is a petting farm that you can enjoy playing in the wilderness. There is also a handmade experience and a restaurant, and you can enjoy eating, playing and experiencing.

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Kumaso open space park

A variety of play equipment is available, combination play equipment that small children can play with confidence. There is also an observation deck where you can admire the magnificent Kirishima mountain range and the Sekinoo waterfall, and it is a cherry blossom spot where spring blossoms are in full bloom.

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Ichidougaoka Kouen Park

In the park with a wonderful view, the nature of the four seasons, the swimming pool, the park golf course, etc. are maintained. The playground equipment which imaged farm equipment is a mark.

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Kannon ike kouen park

Kannon ike kouen park known as cherry blossoms, azaleas, and shibazakura’s famous spots. This is a park where you can enjoy the whole family including play equipment around the pond, putter golf, hot spring and swimming pool.

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We can overlook one of the Kirishima mountain “Takachiho no mine”. Yumeigaoka is a tourist facility with an all-weather indoor playground equipment facility Kids Park. Kids parks are known as fluffy outdoor play equipment and various educational toys from the largest ball park in West Japan.

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Tachibana Observatory

Takasaki Town was selected seven times as “the beautiful city of Japan’s starry sky” and the stars on the wide star sky twinkled. Many astronomical fans come from all over the country to this Observatory. You can observe the stars day and night.

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Laspa Takazaki

We cater to a variety of leisure needs such as accommodation in a large-scale Bihada-no-Yu(making beautiful skin) hot spring facility and a heated swimming pool using geothermal energy.

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Kakashi no sato Yupoppo

Hot spring facilities with abundant hot spring sources, family baths and accommodation and meals are well-received Park golf and running pools are also operated Yamada-cho has high quality and abundant hot spring sources, and there are 26 types of bathtubs in facilities that use plenty of hot springs. You can enjoy a variety of baths, including open-air baths, herbal baths, water baths, and electric baths.


Aoidake onsen spa(Aoidake  So)

The spring quality is a hot spring with a reputation. An open-air bath is popular, and it is also known as a beautiful hot-water bath. Meals and hot springs can be accommodated at facilities surrounded by nature. Especially autumn leaves are wonderful.

Kannon no yu (Hot spring)

Yamada onsen hot spring

Four Seasons and Nature of Miyakonojo

Enjoy cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, nature

Mochio Kouen Park
Cherry blossom spots that have been selected as one of the 100 cherry blossom spots in Japan. About 2 km called cherry blossom tunnel, about 2600 Somei Yoshino and Yaezakura are in full bloom.

Takajo Kannon ike Kouen
The view that about 3000 cherry trees are in bloom in the park is eye-catching. This park also has a ferris wheel, and there are boats and go karts, making it a fun place for children and couples. There are also hot spring and accommodation facilities in the park. As there are 50,000 azaleas, it is a park that can be enjoyed in various seasons.

Sekinoo Midori no mura
The green village in Sekinoo is along the way to it, and the green village is also a beautiful place with colored leaves. Maples, kunugi, maple, ginkgo etc. show the autumn leaves at about the same time. On the other hand, in summer, you can walk by the side of a cave, go through the forest and enjoy the greenery and the forest bath.

Miike Area
You can enjoy colored leaves on the way from Miyakonojo city to Miike. As autumn leaves can be seen around the pond, autumn leaves reflected on the lake surface and autumn leaves seen from the rental boat are also a highlight. A pond with a round pond in the green is surrounded by green and the surrounding trees are reflected on the lake surface.

Aoidake Nature Kouen Park
A bright red maple welcomes you. Many people turn the camera to its admirability, and it is a spot that Insta can aim at. There are hot spring facilities, and the autumn leaves seen from the open-air are also wonderful.

Takasaki Sougou Undo Kouen Park(Athretic Park)
The slope seen from the entrance will show wonderful autumn leaves after mid-November. It is a autumnal spot where people who know know.

Kanemidake Kouen Park
Autumn leaves can be seen along the park that is at 472 meters above the sea level and on the road that follows it. Because of its height, it leaves in a little early time. The view from the top of the mountain is great, so it is a spot to enjoy both.

Hayamizu Kouen Park
The view that Ayame, a flower in the city of Miyakonojo, is in full bloom is a masterpiece. The large and small ponds and the bright, deep blues are a sight to be enjoyed by other citizens.